Benefits of Drinking Coconut Water in Urdu


Benefits of nariyal water Coconut water benefits. In the strong shell of coconut natural water stored which is beneficail of for many health discomforts. When humans starts to use this water it is mystery. Nariyal ka pani(Coconut Water) is energy and sport drink. Coconut have reasonable amounts of potassium and anti oxides.
 It contains a lot of minerals like copper, zinc, iron, folic acid and phosphorus. The mineral that provides over half of the concentration of coconut water is potassium.
• It is rich in vitamin E and B vitamins
• Rich in fiber, which stimulates good intestinal performance, removing blockages and bowel fermented substances which cause severe health problems.
• Suitable for people who suffer from colitis, gastric ulcers, stomach weakness and constipation. Combat anemia, nervous exhaustion and weight loss.
• Since it is rich in potassium is one of the many minerals it provides, this is very good for our body since potassium is electrolytic best regulator for our body, causing a better removal of toxins by natural means.
• Your water contains a high caloric value that exists.
• Contains high content of vitamin A, which is necessary for skin, eye functions ye indispensable stage of growth.
• Good to strengthen and nourish the bones, nails and teeth. It is recommended for children growing up, for breastfeeding mothers and pregnant. Help in cases of arthritis and osteoporosis, and is a useful nutritional supplement in menopause and andropause.
• Remineralises body, so it is highly recommended to athletes and to take in places that are very hot.

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Mantis Hugo
8 March 2015 at 23:17 delete

I love drinking coconut water. But after reading this blog post I'll sure try coconut oil in my meals to get the health benefits. I would like to add here that taking Raspberry Ketone Juice everyday may help you lose your weight faster and burn the harmful fat naturally.

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3 December 2015 at 05:24 delete

Nothing can compete with nature benefits. Coconut water is my most favorite drink,really! And it's love give me beautiful skin, strong hair, no pores under skin and also a good lever. Love you coconut. health benefits drinking water and coconut water are different but both are beneficial

Ali Khan
28 December 2015 at 23:12 delete

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Betty Stevens
29 July 2016 at 07:11 delete

I know that even more vitamins are in a coconut pulp. Usually, it's too heavy for the regular juicer. It also sounds weird but even bigger concentration of vitamins may be found in dry fruits. For that reason, I would recommend also to extract juice from dry vegetables. Just don't forget to order some really nice juicer to get all the benefits!