Desi Totkay for Your Health in Urdu

totkay for health in urduTotkay for stomach
Cholera precaution totka in Urdu
Yogurt tokay in urdu
Not eat oil and honey equally
Not drink milk with gur in urdu
Not eat salty things with milk
Eating kheera and Khachri make your heakth in trouble
Fish and eggs are not allowed to eat together as the makes you warm
In eyes disease make sure not to taste or eat fish
Taking lemon seed solid could causes appendix.
Some more totkay desi in urdu
Sleeping after eating food could make you deaf
In summer not take shower outside
Must eat 3 times a day
Not eat chicken with  radish
See these desi totkay in urdu below:

Desi Totkay for Lice
Home Decoration Totkay in Urdu
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Nice blog post about Desi Totkay for Your Health in Urdu........

Post Desi Health Tips

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