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Yoga History in Urdu: Yoga's origins date back to the oldest archaeological evidence found, dating from around 3000 BC, and is stone seals with figures of yogic positions belonging to the civilizations of the Indus and Saraswati valleys.
Oldest Hindu scriptures are among the oldest in the world and they made reference to Yoga. The Hindu and in general all the bitter religious-philosophical Indian culture has its origin in the Vedas, sacred texts that originally came from Sanskrit. It is a whole collection of wisdom in the field of human knowledge physical, metaphysical and purely spiritual level.
According to a Hindu legend, his appearance on Earth occurred when a fish (Mat-sya) saw as the god Shiva taught his Shakti Parvati (wife) yoga exercises. The fish imitated Parvati and practice the exercises became man.

yoga in urduThis Vedic knowledge was preserved from generation to generation by oral tradition, by reciting its contents in the form of aphorisms. Were collected in writing, for the first time about five thousand years ago.
The earliest written evidence is found in the Vedic scriptures, the four Vedas, particularly the Rig-Veda and the Atharva-veda, which date back to 2500 BC.

In the West the most famous part of the Vedas are the Upanishads, philosophical and mystical treatises and poems that explore the nature of the human soul. It is in the Upanishads, the last part of the Vedas (1500 BC) where the basis of the yogic teachings. Surge Vedanta philosophy about reality or absolute consciousness.

Here some yoga exercises in Urdu:

yoga in urdu

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