10 Stomach Acidity Treatments Tezabiat in Urdu

Stomach Acidity Treatment Tezabiat
Stomach Acidity treatment ilaj in Urdu natural treatment of Stomach acidity in Urdu.   Eating raw almonds, a good source of calcium that can balance your pH.
After lunch, if you see that things are not going well, take half glass of water with a tablespoon of baking soda. Not good, but is a very effective way to stop heartburn.
Infusions of chamomile, peppermint reduce the symptoms of heartburn, and are the perfect alternative to coffee and tea (that cause).
If none of this has worked, and continues burning, do not hesitate to use a commercial antacid, act as quickly as possible.

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Nice Post …
Now days most of the people are suffering from such acidity problems. Natural Acidity Treatment is the best it free any kind of side effect.