Gentian Health Benefits in Urdu چرا ئتہ

Gentian in urdu
Gentian herb belonging to Gentianaceae plant family. This plant has its home in the alpine and sub-alpine areas of central and southern Europe, Sardinia, Pyrenees, Bosnia, the mountains of Spain and Portugal, the Balkans and Corsica. The underground parts of the herb is very well known for its medicinal properties. The Gentian plant is a moderately tall plant. This is a perennial plant that has an upright stalk. This plant bears oval shaped leaves that are great. The gentian herb bears large flowers. These flowers are distinct and have orange clusters on the plant body. The cultivation of this herb is done using the extensive method of cultivation. This herb is grown in the mountainous regions of the European continent.

Latin name: Gentiana lutea.

Alternative names: Bitterwort, Bitterroot, yellow gentian, Enzian, Pale Gentian.

Forms Available: Root bark, tincture, decoction, capsule and powder.

The European Gentian family is the largest species in the family and gentian family having many members. This European gentian plants grow well at high altitudes from 2.300 to 8.000 feet in height. This herb cultivated using seeds, or by dividing the roots of this plant . The Gentian plant grows well in loamy soil with a shaded and sheltered atmosphere. Harvesting of this plant is usually done in the fall. Gentian plant contains slightly yellow crystalline substance, amarogentin, gentianose, Gentiamarin, Gentiopicrin, Gentiin, fructose, dextrose, sucrose and Gentianic Acid . This herb has also cholagogue, anthelmintic, depurative, stomachic, gastric stimulant, emenagogue, bitter, antiseptic, refrigerant, tonic, febrifuge properties.

Gentian in urdu
Health Benefits: Gentian herb is regarded as one of the most bitter stomachic herbs. This plant helps in the treatment of heartburn, dyspepsia, flatulence, gastrointestinal inflammation, fainting, indigestion, griping pains, bluetongue gastritis, seams, diarrhea, indigestion and jaundice. Gentian herb also helps to improve appetite, strengthen the stomach activities, promote the flow of digestive juices, improve weak digestive, purifying blood, increasing the number of white blood cells, curing hysteria, discouraging smoking habit and soothing inflammation. Few other health problems such as nausea, vomiting, biliousness, anorexia , duodenal ulcer, malaria, high blood pressure, ulcers and intestinal worms are also dealt with the benefits of this herb. This herb is also used as a purifying agent in the foot bath.

Other Uses: Gentian is used in some regions of Europe to prepare a bitter alcoholic beverage. This particular beverage is regarded as a mark for many European countries.
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