Stomach Gastric Ulcer Treatment In Urdu

A stomach ulcer alsar (gastric ulcer) is an injury to an area of ​​the stomach lining. The cause of this type of ulcer is generally reduces the inflammation that mucosal protection against stomach acids.

Stomach ulcers or gastric ulcers usually affect people over 50 years. In Spain between 15 and 25% of the population suffer from a stomach ulcer at some point in their lives.

Among the most common causes of gastric ulcer include:

A high production of stomach acid.
An alteration of the movements of the stomach.
Presence of Helicobacter pylori in the stomach.
Taking certain medications, for example, NSAIDs, aspirin or corticosteroids.
Zollinger-Ellison syndrome, a disease that secretes high levels of the hormone gastrin.
Abuse of snuff and alcohol, can promote the formation of a stomach ulcer. Furthermore, an ulcer can develop from a gastritis . Stomach ulcers may present with the following symptoms:

Epigastric pain
Intolerance to certain foods
Pain after the ingestion of food or on an empty stomach
Weight loss
To diagnose an ulcer of the stomach (gastric ulcer) A is performed gastroscopy . During this diagnostic test, the physician usually takes a tissue sample (biopsy) of the affected area. Stomach ulcer treatment treatment ka ilaj in urdu.

If stomach ulcer is caused by infection with Helicobacter pylori, treatment aimed at eradicating the pathogen. In this case, the eradication rate is above 80%. If stomach ulcer is caused by other causes, treatment based on treatment with antacid drugs get healing stomach ulcers up to 90-95% of cases. Certain complications from a stomach ulcer and gastric bleeding or perforation of gastric ulcer through the stomach wall, necessitates endoscopic or surgical intervention.

Those who are affected most often by a stomach ulcer can also help with the appropriate medication. Furthermore, it is recommended to avoid taking foods and stimulants that irritate the mucous membranes of the stomach, such as spicy and hot foods, coffee and alcohol, high alcohol.
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