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kalonj in urdu for health
Kalonji ke faide in urdu. The black seed or nigella sativa is the seed of a plant well known since antiquity as having many beneficial properties. Used since ancient times, is considered satisfactory for slow aging, improve episodes of uric acid or digestion, among others. In this post Vitadelia share some facts about these small dark seeds that resemble those of fennel or cumin, but they are not.
Were also highlighted its anti age properties (anti aging): in a study published in the Advanced Pharmaceutical Bulletin, the black seed would have more interesting benefits for women over 45, especially for those that are already in menopause, and that would help you stay younger longer. It would also be useful in the prevention of osteoporosis.
The nigella sativa also help eliminate uric acid, which is beneficial in turn to prevent other serious problems such as gout, or to care and improve kidney health.
It has long been said to be "the remedy for everything except for death". There is talk of having at least 30 benefits if they are all real, is unknown, but is beneficial in general, it is known. It is believed that also boosts metabolism, strengthens defenses and clear the airways.
Nigella sativa oil was found in Tutankhamen's tomb and is known to have been used by Cleopatra for its qualities of health and beauty.

kalonji properties benefits faide in urdu
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