Cashew Kaju Nuts Health Benefits in Urdu

kajo ke faide in urdu
The cashew is a very rich nut in unsaturated fatty acids, among which stand out especially linoleic and oleic.
For this reason, it is known that this tiny but powerful nut is ideal for both our nervous system look like our skin.
Furthermore, unlike what could eventually be thought, is a nut able to lower high cholesterol (especially bad cholesterol, LDL) and raise levels of good cholesterol (HDL).
Therefore, it is ideal to care for and protect our heart since the HDL cholesterol decreases the risk of heart disease.
As outlined below, cashews are rich in B vitamins, nutrients necessary for our heart to the brain and muscles, as well as to help digest carbohydrates.
They are very good at nuts increase defenses , making it ideal for consumption both in the autumn and winter, when we need to boost the immune system .

kajo ke faide

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