Green Cardamom Health Benefits in Urdu

Elaichi Benefits In Urdu
Cardamom elaichi ke fayde in urdu is, since antiquity, excellence for digestive system. It has numerous properties for the digestive system along with a pleasant fragrance, why is a highly valued medicinal and aromatic spice.

An aromatic spice for the digestive system

Besides of these applications this spice still in the Arab countries, where it
Cardamom stimulates appetite. Since ancient times it was used as a remedy sialagogue (which stimulates the secretion of saliva) and orexigenic (appetite increases); indicated in people with poor appetite, decayed, who wish to gain weight or Sjögren's syndrome.
The fragrance of this aromatic spice exerts a tonic effect the digestive system.
Modern studies have found that this plant increases the activity of trypsin, a substance (enzyme) which works in the digestive process. By stimulating effect, cardamom promotes better digestion of food in the stomach. It is recommended for people with slow digestion, taken for example after eating. This is a traditional habit in Arab countries, where usually a few cardamom seeds served with desserts or coffee.
is traditional to use as a condiment and digestive cardamom infusion.

Elaichi Benefits In Urdu

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