13 Ways to Use Lemon Juice for Beautiful Skin

what are the benefits of lemon for skin
There are multiple benefits of lemon skin : helps whiten stains, cure acne and give a special shine. We discuss the benefits of lemeon for skin urdu. Furthermore, it is an easy and inexpensive treatment, which can all be accessed to feel more beautiful. However, the lemon must be used carefully because it can be very abrasive and end up damaging.

The lemon skin lightening

If you have spots on the skin, lemon can clarify. We can put lemon juice, zest or slices of it directly to the skin.
If we want, we can make a clarifying mask with a tablespoon of lemon juice, a cucumber, a tomato and a sandalwood paste. All the ingredients are mixed and placed on stained areas for at least fifteen minutes. The mask with warm water is then removed.
Bear in mind that this works, but takes time. You must also be careful to do this ritual at night, because the lemon dry skin and can aggravate the effects of the sun.

Benefits of lemon juice for Skin
Lemon juice can decrease the amount of skin imperfections, as well as small scars as citrus have astringent properties. Mixed with honey can help lighten the tone of facial hair. And as an ingredient in various masks, allows us to give a special glow to our skin.
Even the benefits of lemon juice ingested skin are amazing. If we drink every day on an empty stomach one glass of warm water with the juice of half a lemon and a teaspoon of honey, we will notice an improvement in skin quality in general.
Lemon juice is ideal for curing acne, but you must use it diluted with water so that it is not very aggressive. Put it on the affected area with a cotton ball and leave on area fifteen minutes.
lemon skin in urdu

lemon for skin urdu
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