Leprosy Disease Symptoms and Treatment in Urdu

leprosy in urdu
What is leprosy disease in urdu? The cause of leprosy is a bacterial infection. However, no exact pathogenic mechanisms of the disease are not completely understood: some people carry the pathogen without having symptoms of the disease. Still unclear are the reasons why this is so and where the reservoir of the pathogen is outside the human being.

The leprosy is caused by a specific pathogen called Mycobacterium leprae. It is a bacterium resistant to acids baciliforme can be reproduced only within cells. The ideal breeding of Mycobacterium leprae temperature is 33 degrees Celsius. In case of an outbreak of leprosy, the agent destroys the skin and mucous membranes and also attacks the nerve cells of the limbs. Concomitant effects of infection ranging from skin discoloration through paralysis to the involvement of internal organs and bones.
leprosy in urdu

leprosy in urdu

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