Dry Chapped Lips Homemade Treatment in Urdu

Treatment of chapped lips
Having no melanin (pigment that protects the skin from the sun's rays and gives color) lips are prone to crack much easier than the rest of the body skin.
Several factors contribute to the lips from cracking as, for example, the cold of winter and the habit of licking the lips. But one should not underestimate this situation, since lips chapping  can be easy victim of bacterial infections and can lead to the formation of mouth sores.
Some remedies that can be used to relieve chapped lips are:

Folk Remedies

Remedy for chapped lips # 1 Rub with cotton soaked in olive oil lips.
Remedy for chapped lips # 2 Develop an ointment virgin beeswax and almond oil. This requires placing the wax in a container which is heated until the wax is melted and mixed with the oil. Then, it is expected to cool and solidify which will take between half an hour and an hour and apply it on the affected on the lips before going to bed and getting up area.
Remedy for chapped lips # 3 Stand on the lips a little menthol balm.
Remedy for chapped lips # 4 lips spread in a droplet of the same moisturizer you use for your face before sleeping.
Remedy for chapped lips gently No. 5 Apply a thin layer of cream or butter cacao .a to protect lips from dryness.
dry lips homemade treatment

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