Mangoes Health Benefits: Reasons to Eat Mangoes in Urdu

Mangoes Health BenefitsThe mango is eaten green and ripe and fresh and dry. In Asia the green handle is used as a vegetable and added to salads, curries, chutneys and various preserves and pickles plus eaten as fruit.

Benefits of Mango 
1- For its potassium content has a diuretic effect. It's great for people who need to lose fluid.
2- Have magnesium
3- A ripe mango 200g provides the recommended vitamin C and 30 percent daily value of vitamin A. It is ideal for people who can not tolerate other sources of vitamin C.
4- They are anti-oxidants.
5- It is rich in iron
6- It is rich in selenium
7- It is similar to that of papaya enzyme helps to have a good digestion
8- For its vitamin B is recommended for the proper functioning of the nervous system, metabolism and health of the skin.
9. It is said that eating mango is a good way to prevent hair loss
10- It is believed to help fight insomnia, helps us be more calm and prevent muscle weakness.
11- In India are used for healthy blood and therefore useful for women during the period or to treat anemia.

Mangoes Health Benefits

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