Best Natural Homemade Remedies to Heal Acne in urdu

Do you think why our grandma's have face without any sign of acne and pimples? How they get rid of acne and pimple so effectively in home. Our elders uses herbal syrup known as musanfi, they cures acne with leaves of neem and mix the leaves in ghee. Just eating the mash neem leaves with mixture of ghee and sugar can cure acne in a few days.
Making an ointment of neem leaves can also effective remedy for acne.Take soft leaves of neem and mash them, make pancake of these leaves and fire them in desi ghee.

While Eliminating Acne
Do not scratch, squeeze, rub your acne or extirpates because if you try to scratch or remove your pimples by yourself, this can cause serious infections in your skin and cause nasty scars permanently
Never use fatty creams and cosmetics. Buy only water-based formulas or 'non-comedogenic'. These formulas have been tested extensively and has been shown to cause no clogging of the pores, which is the main cause of acne .
Always remove your makeup at
night. If you lie down to sleep without removing your makeup usually leads to acne problems.
Should take up to 6 weeks to completely eliminate ALL your acne by following the simple steps on this page, but if you want to make your acne disappear even faster .
If daily wash your hair with shampoo, particularly if you have oily hair. Make sure to comb your hair after washing, try to take it back lest he fall on your face.
Never use headsets that are tight, because these not only damage your hair follicles but also damage your skin, and this follows is very important to remove acne.

ace pimples ka ilaj urdu treatment in urdu
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These are the 4 main causes of acne .
The hormonal changes that are associated with stress, the transition to adolescence, menstrual periods, use of birth control pills and pregnancy
The use of cosmetics and hair products that are oily or fatty
The use of some types of drugs, such as estrogens, steroids, testosterone and fenitoínas
Excessive sweating or high humidity in the atmosphere

Acne and Pimples homemade treatment in urdu. Get rid of acne in urdu

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