Face Hair Removal Tips In Urdu

First we must consider that the skin is the largest organ in our body because of its length. There many hair was on skin today we see how to remove facial hair in Urdu.

As in all matters of beauty, we must have the needs of each person. Not only skin type (oily, dry, combination, acne ) but also money, time and needs and personal characteristics.

More facial hair is removed is located in the eyebrows, called "mustache" and chin.

On previous occasions we talked about the removal of the eyebrows ; Today we will focus on the rest and the various methods (non-permanent):
Wax: While it is the most durable method is also the most aggressive in the face, as it can cause irritation, pimples or even very sensitive skin burns. Currently there specific waxes for this area such as pink that can be purchased at any commercial aesthetics. The method is very simple: a small tepid amount is applied in the direction of hair growth and pulled once in the opposite direction. It is advisable to clean the area with soap before you do and then apply a moisturizing removal.
Depilatory cream: This is the second most recommended method. It comes in different formats according to each skin type. It is applied to the desired area, the recommended expected (between 3 and 6 minutes) and short time hair painlessly. Its main disadvantage is that hair grows back quickly and that this system did not nipped in the bud; therefore, the newest include growth retardants.
Face Hair Remove Tips In Urdu

Bleaching cream: This is not a hair removal method to use, rather than camouflage, because not remove hair, but it becomes colorless. It comes in various forms, usually they consist of a cream (or powder) and other solution bleaching active formula. It is applied to the area and removed when directed the product. It is ideal for this area as it does not hurt and conceals the finest and small hairs.
For this area is not recommended in any case, the use of the knife or other machines to cut hair, as well as irritate the area, the hair will grow stronger and thicker.
Face Hair Remove Tips In Urdu

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