Nose Blackheads Removal Tips in Urdu

Blackheads on face and on nose can make your face look less beautiful and also make your face
structure distorted. This is a normal problem of face skin which also named as pimple, zits, acne etc another comedo is also given to this condition.
Blackhead are the mixture of sebum and skin follicles which gathered around the hair follicles As blackheads are open mouth which does not have any skin that why when air touch to them it make them stink. 
Blackheads are usually around nose tip but some blackheads are also seen around the nose. Found around some other places of body such as ears, nose, shoulders, abdomen. Blackheads can grow around every part where hair follicles can be found. 
To get rid of black heads try these blackheads removal tips in urdu.
Blackheads Removal Tips in Urdu

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