Summer Skin Care Tips in Urdu

Get beautiful skin in summer urdu
Skin care in summer season in urdu Summer comes and if you want your skin does not regret the mistakes made during the summer months, we must get down to work and remain vigilant. In fact, it is during the summer when they increase the risks to the skin. The fact that the heat dehydrated faster than the epidermis and increase perspiration moisture, making it more prone to infections, makes this time of year our skin care must be higher.

The sun, according to Dr. Moises Martin Anaya "is what gives and takes away that" gives the skin a healthy color, but is both one of the greatest risks to our skin. Stains, dry, and in the most extreme cases, melanoma ... the dangers are varied. Basic care that Dr. Martin Anaya recommended for the skin during the summer are as follows:

1. Clean skin ... Daily cleaning should be performed with mild products that do not alter the acid mantle of the skin, do not irritate or are highly perfumed, but help remove grease and dirt accumulated. Besides materials should be used that do not scrape or rub your skin strongly. It is important not to share towels with others and dry the folds correctly to avoid the appearance of superficial mycoses.

2. Get hydrated. The moisturizing creams and oils can recover lost moisture and are particularly useful if the skin dry heat. The important thing is that contains moisturizing and emollient properties, allowing water to recover.
skin care tips of summer season in urdu

3. Attention on clothes. Skin care of the whole body means avoiding wear clothes or shoes with materials that encourage fungus growth by creating a moist environment; or likely to cause injury or skin allergies.

4. Prevent infection. If a small accident occurs that results in a scraping a skin wound or burn, to avoid infections is necessary to wash the area with water immediately. If pimples or blisters is important not to touch them or tighten.

5. What food? Should moderate consumption of meat and prioritized the intake of fruits and vegetables rich in antioxidants like vitamins A, C and E. The latter is one of the most important skin care foods, as it prevents cell degeneration, helps in the regenerative process in case of scars and acne and contributes to increased blood flow to the skin. It is present in oils, nuts, fish and shrimp and vegetables such as broccoli, spinach, asparagus, tomato or carrot. And of course, it is also advisable to drink plenty of water.

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