Ajwa Khajoor Benefits in Urdu

Ajwa ke faide Ajwa Dates are cholesterol-free and loaded with dietary fiber, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants. These energy-dense delicious fruits are rich in potassium (which helps verify hypertension), calcium (which is useful for bone and dental health), selenium (larefuerzo immunity), magnesium and copper.

Being fairly dense in calories, simple sugars (glucose and fructose) and iron Ajwa dates for pregnant women, nursing mothers and growing children is recommended The energy released instantly and the body feels revitalized ,. They are precisely the reasons why fasting dates preferíanromper one day during Ramzan.
The tannins present in dates exhibit anti-inflammatory and anti-disease properties. Dates contain a considerable amount of vitamin A (approximately 150 IU per 100 g) and therefore is good for vision and healthy skin.
The consumption of dates soaked hot milk acts as a natural laxative and reduces? Bad 'cholesterol absorption in the body. They also help improve digestion and reduce intestinal and liver problems. Ajwa Dates are considered beneficial for weight gain, the regularization of menstrual problems, building endurance and reduce alcohol intoxication.
After consumption, dates leave an alkaline residue in the intestine and helps in the fight against heartburn.
Go to a mask made of Ajwa dates, cream and wheat germ oil to avoid stains and dry skin at bay. Mix dates, honey, cucumber juice and oatmeal for a face pack to enjoy a blemish-free skin and nourished.
Soft dates can be eaten as a snack, directly or stuffed with nuts, cheese, cream or spices. Fresh and dead dates are enjoyed sprinkled on cereal, porridge, salads and smoothies. Chopped dates to find a place in many regionalesy salty sweet delicacies, ranging from date cakes, cookies, desserts and breads date juice, chutneys and traditional teas Jallab.

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