Feroza Gemstone Benefits of Wearing Turquoise in Urdu

Feroza Turquoise is known as piraj in Sanskrit, in Persian feroza. Here i give benefits faide of feroza pathar stone in urdu. It is a popular gemstone. It color is greenish shady colour. The Arabs called Fairuz or lucky stone, mounted in rings, necklaces and earrings. Effective against the evil eye and eye conditions.
Strength, Balance, Vitality.
It is very effective for respiratory problems, allergies nerve and Spiritual elevation.
Sab is achi qisam ka feroza ferozi rang ka hai jis ke faide bhi zaida han yeh then dhati ajza ka marqab hai jis mae Aluminium, Iron, Copper shamil han.
Turquoise acts on communication and a way with words, increasing the creative capacity of thought.
It is used as an amulet to ward off the evil eye, spells and magic. Absorbs negative energy.
Improves absorption of nutrients so it is very useful to combat anorexia.
Intensifies its action in the emotional field, deparando prospects.
Favors opening the heart to emotions and encouragement of others.
Enhances memory.
In meditation, it applied in areas related to our past experiences.
Facilitates the balanced expression of emotion, peace of mind, communication and emotional balance, acts on the throat chakra.

Associated with Taurus, Libra and Sagittarius. It is reputed to bring love and promote the value. Is also said to protect against violence in word and deed. It also serves to reduce physical and mental stress.


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