Grapes Health Benefits in Urdu

There are a lot of benefits(faide) that provided by  grapes to our health. Grapes reduce acid uric acid levels and helps remove it from the system, which can help improve kidney disease. The antioxidant flavonoids are characterized by reducing the damage that free radicals cause in the eyes, which can prevent the development of cataracts, among other eye problems.
Grapes have two chemicals that help control cholesterol nicely. Pterostilbene is a compound that reduces cholesterol levels, while saponins prevent the absorption of cholesterol from the digestive tract.
Grapes also have a laxative property and may be a useful treatment for chronic constipation as their compounds improve the functions of the intestinal muscles and stomach muscles.

Angoor ke faide in urdu for health skin The grapes offer a combination of sweetness and texture, the bittersweet have become a popular choice as a food between meals they are also very refreshing. And while small, grapes offer very different excellent health properties.

One of the properties of grapes phytochemical is a polyphenol called resveratrol.
Another antioxidant polyphenolic compound in grapes are the anthocyanins, particularly abundant in red grapes.
The grapes have a very low calorie, 100 g of fresh grapes provide only 69 calories and no cholesterol.

Among the minerals grape is copper, iron and manganese.
Grape contains vitamin C in high amounts, also it has vitamin A, vitamin K, some B vitamins and carotenoids.
The benefits of grapes can be cited migraine control, cholesterol, heart diseases and some properties of the grape are also anticancer.
Angoor ke faide in urdu

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