Sesame Seeds Benefits in Urdu

Sesame seeds are "small but tough" or insignificant that they have nothing sesame seeds have many benefits(in urdu). On the contrary, this small food contains large doses of protein, polyunsaturated fat, calcium and other nutrients. This makes them an excellent condiment that can add to all sorts of dishes regularly.

Sesame seeds come from a plant native to Africa and India, although currently different varieties are grown around the world, especially in Latin America. In addition, it is a very versatile food, as can be consumed both seed and oil, as a variety of products that can easily be made ​​at home from this tiny delicacy.

Nutritional properties of sesame seeds

Unfortunately, junk food has been gaining ground to the common sense of our ancestors, so that some basic and very nutritious foods, such as seeds of all kinds, have been relegated to the background. Sesame seeds not only provide exquisite and different s abor our plates, but their excellent nutritional characteristics are reason enough to keep them on hand in the kitchen on a regular basis, especially in households with children.
sesame seeds oil benefits in urduProtein
While they do not contain all the essential amino acids , sesame seeds, as are legumes , are rich in protein and just combining them with cereals , we can obtain a protein of high biological value. A good way is to add a few seeds to the muesli breakfast cereals. Especially when sons or daughters, this combination will provide the necessary energy to start the day with strength and proteins necessary to perform a good biochemistry of the body. And if the muesli is not the chosen option, a single teaspoon ground seeds in the morning will do the same function. They will love the taste! (Check out our healthy example breakfast, lunch and dinner for options).
Fatty Acids
One of the star ingredients of sesame seeds are undoubtedly essential fatty acids ( Omega-3 and Omega-6). These acids are the most important and beneficial to the health of our body. They are called essential fatty acids because our body can not make and we need to ingest them through diet. These fatty acids are extremely beneficial for the cardiovascular system and prevent related to the poor condition of the arteries, as discussed below diseases.
sesame seeds ke faide benefits in urdu

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