Cigarette Smoking Negative Side Effects in Urdu

These are some potential side effects of smoking in Urdu. An interactive info graphic called "Tobacco Body" is part of the awareness campaign Cancer Society of Finland decided to show, with the body of a man and a woman, the negative effects of smoking on health and beauty.

The effects of smoking on the body, as 'Tobacco Body':

Acne: smokers are more prone to this skin disorder because the toxins reduce blood flow in the body, which also increases the risk of skin infections.

Body Hair: women smokers tend to have more hair because snuff consumption increases your testosterone levels.

Circulation: smokers have twice the chance of blood clots, which increases the chances of sudden death.

Bad breath: smokers suffer from bad breath and also your teeth turn yellow.

Genitals sexual life of a woman is not as good as that of a nonsmoker. Your liver processes estrogen, the female hormone, faster, lowering his libido. For men, smoking reduces blood flow to the penis, which means that smokers have twice the risk of erectile dysfunction.

smoking side effects in urdu for health
Hair: smokers have brittle hair and they, more to be bald and graying trend. Snuff chemists join in the hair, which makes it breaks before growing.

Lung cancer: Smoking causes nine out of ten cases of this type of tumor.

Lungs: Smoking destroys the alveoli, the pulmonary unit responsible for oxygen into the blood, so breathing becomes more difficult and increases the risk of contracting diseases such as chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).
risk and side effects of smoking in urdu
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