Extremely Easy Way For Treatment of Cough Khansi

Its the time of changing weather summer days are now left behind and winter is coming. In these days khansi(cough) and flu are a normal diseases. One of two persons are now suffering from khansi and flu. Today we are giving a very easy solution of this problem. This remedy is easy to make from your own home without going to doctor using this remedy can get rid of cough and flu problem in a minutes.
After wake up in morning take one raw piece of garlic this can boost start your immune system.
Just fry a garlic in oil and use this in dishes it will make your digestive system fast
Take sesame oil in a pan and make it hot and put garlic in it. Take this oil in a bottle, cool it. Whenever you got khansi(cough) message this oil on chest and throat areas.
Eat fry garlic with honey before going for sleep.
cough ka ilaj

khansi ka for ilaj in urdu

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