10 Home Remedies For Hair Dandruff in Urdu

What is Dandruff and it home remedies in Urdu It is an anomaly of the scalp. The epidermis, at the scalp renews badly and too quickly: thus, the cells that go back to this layer of skin have not time to harden as they do not lose the water they contain. Because these cells are not dry, they are gathering in packs on the scalp: they are the films The causes can be many: we must also know that there are two types of dandruff.
Dry Dandruff
Dry dandruff usually appear on a normal scalp, or dry. They are white and flat, and when viewed up close, it looks like a small piece of the scalp coming off! She also stand out very easily, passing the hand through his hair, leaning his head forward or her hair ..
It is important not to scratch or try to loosen them, it would cause irritation and would enter into a vicious circle as unbearable as that of ... More greasy hair was greasy hair, the more washed, the more they grease fast: there is the same.
hair dandruff urdu
The oily dandruff:
These are the ones that appear most often on an oily scalp. Rather, they are white / yellow and sticky as they are formed by a mixture of excess sebum, cosmetics and dead cells. Just like dry dandruff, it is important not to scratch them. They make the hair often much fat and are accompanied by itching and irritation, much more than the dry dandruff, because they stick to the scalp. In the case of oily dandruff beware a fungus does not grow. Home remedies to get clear hair from hair dandruff in urdu.
best remedies for hair dandruff in urdu

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