Eczema Natural Treatment in Urdu

The skin is the largest organ of our body that protects us against various elements. Diseases like Eczema effects many of the people around the world natural theripies and remedies are best treatment of eczema as other medicines are more irritating to skin.
However, that body sometimes becomes very sensitive for some people who have problems such as irritation and itching by rubbing clothes, extreme temperatures, emotional stress, allergens and irritants.
When this happens, these people may suffer from dermatitis called eczema is usually a pink scaly rash accompanied by very itchy and, in extreme cases, the skin becomes thicker and filled with painful cracks in places.
Eczema ka Ilaj in Urdu
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Folk Remedies
Remedy for Eczema # 1: Add the dry grass chamomile in a cup of boiling water and let infuse for at least 15 minutes, strain and then let cool this preparation. Then dip a clean piece of gauze with the tea and apply to the part where you have the rash.
After putting gauze should stop atleast 20 minutes and change as dry and hot. You can apply this remedy three times a day until the lesion is dry and the swelling subsides. This preparation is very effective because chamomile contains several natural substances that are reducing allergic inflammatory reaction resulting in eczema.
Remedy for Eczema 2: Combine elm powder with enough water to make a thin paste and apply to the inflamed parts of your skin. Water can be any temperature that is pleasant. Leave the dough for an hour at most, or until dry. Gently rinse with water and dry carefully, without rubbing. Treatment may be repeated three times a day
Remedy for Eczema 3: Add 5 drops of lavender essential oil to a tea marigold and apply to the affected areas twice a day until the irritation is relieved.
The entire effective treatment of eczema in urdu using natural ways.
eczema ka ilaj treatment in urdu

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