How to Do Pregnancy Test with Strip in Urdu?

Suspecting pregnancy, the most common method is to confirm or discard is pregnancy test bought from the pharmacy and you can do at home. Thanks to pregnancy strip from that you can know quickly and easily if you are expecting a baby or not.
There are many questions that arise about the pregnancy test.
How does a pregnancy test work?
The home pregnancy test is a very simple operation. They come in different forms, but all have within an absorbent strip that detects the presence of human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) in urine, the pregnancy hormone.

At the beginning of pregnancy, the cells that form the placenta begins to secrete this hormone in women, which can be detected by blood or urine, which are of those who speak here.
Upon contacting the test strip in the urine, it is able to recognize, more or less sensitivity, the amount of pregnancy hormone in your urine contained.

How to Test?

It can be done at any time of day , but for safety it is recommended to do with the first morning urine, which is the one that has a higher concentration. First of all, you must open the package and read the instructions.
You must remove the wrapper, uncover the test strip and wetting your urine for 5 seconds. There are two ways to do urinate directly onto the strip, or do it in a pot and immerse the strip in urine for 5 seconds.
Once done, you must place the cover again and let it rest on a flat surface for 3-5 minutes (according to instructions). You can then proceed to read the result. Hamal ka test kaise karien in urdu
hamal ka test in urdu pregnancy
pregnancy test in urdu

How to read the result?

Most test yield two results: a line that indicates whether or not pregnancy and a control, indicating whether the test has done well or not.
If two lines appear, although the intensity is low the result is positive, however if hairline in the control window only appears, indicating that the test was successful but the result is negative.
In digital no stripes, but the result appears as a happy face when pregnancy and sad face when there is no pregnancy.
Pregnancy Care Tips in Urdu
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