Thyroid gland Diseases Home Remedies in Urdu

Thyroid disease affects much of the population, with higher incidence in women because of the constant hormonal changes. We can say that there are several types of diseases associated with the thyroid and although all have an effective treatment, sometimes has live with them chronically, affecting many areas of the person who daily have to see how it changes their physical appearance and even your mood.
We want to say here that for any disease willpower and lots of encouragement is needed, medicine gives us a number of essential drugs that can solve most of our states and conditions, but this indispensable grain own strength and energy is also needed to lay the foundations for the resolution or improvement of any disease.

thyroid diseases in urdu
What role have the thyroid?
The basic function of the thyroid is to secrete a particular type of hormones: thyroxine and tryodotironina, which will regulate our metabolism ., Plus all the functions related to reproduction and our growth when we are young is often said that for these hormones are segregated normally is highly recommended rest, sleep in young children is basic eg their break because it is in those moments when growth hormone is released.
Thus, the thyroid are a basic bridge to certain physiological functions of our body, it is a small gland of 25 grams which is shaped like a butterfly and is at the base of the throat, is the largest endocrine gland we have and this formed in turn by many follicles. When we suffer a certain thyroid disease, alterations can affect many parts and functions of our body, affecting eight times more women than men, especially during pregnancy or later. But yes, in most cases of thyroid diseases the treatment is safe and easy. Thyroid diseases ka ilaj with home remedies in urdu.

thyroid gland treatment in urdu
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