Tonsillitis Tonsils Treatment In Urdu

Tonsillitis is the inflammation causes by viral or bacterial canker tonsils which are located at the end of the palate and in the beginning (one on each side) of the throat.
The tonsils are made ​​up of lymphoid tissue which serves as a defense of germs that enter the mouth with food, the air we breathe, etc. When they are very vulnerable to infections can become inflamed, enlarged and sometimes pus points are observed.

It is, then, when speaking of tonsillitis. Infants and kids are particularly susceptible to this disease, but can occur at any age.
In addition to the above symptoms they may also be others as hoarseness, headache, earache, difficulty swallowing food and fever .
tonsils ka ilaj meaning in urdu

In addition to the doctor's advice, natural treatment can help in case of tonsillitis the following home remedies Tonsils ka ilaj in urdu.

tonsils in kids ilaj meaning
Remedy 1: Gargling juice lemon with honey freshly squeezed five times a day. Every time you make the gargling, you should brush your teeth to avoid the corrosive effect of lemon.
Remedy 2: Make a poultice with leaves sage very hot. Apply it directly on the throat and wrapped with a handkerchief so that heat is maintained as long as possible. As soon cooled, substitute another. At the same time, gargle sage until you feel better.
Remedy 3: Mix the  items 1 tablespoon honey, 1 tablespoon cider (vinegar) apple and 8 ounces of warm water. Then slowly take sips without cool.
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