Aqeeq Stone Ring Benefits in Urdu

Aqeeq Agate Benefits and properties in Urdu: 

Agate is not a specific mineral, but a set of micro crystal quartz varieties. It is formed in the cavities of volcanic rocks, where filter and deposited in layers rich in silica hot solutions. It is characterized by a series of concentric bands of similar, opaque and translucent colors, reminiscent of cutting a tree trunk in a circular direction. All agates are also chalcedony with bands of different colors, opaque or variable transparency. Often to market them, agates are stained to highlight the drawing form their bands. Thus, much more vivid colors are obtained. This semi precious gem, is very common in jewelry, mainly being mounted in silver.

aqeeq ring stone ke faide     There are many varieties of agate. For example, the dendritic agate, the moss agate, agate or fire; very appreciated for collecting and jewelry.

     The name "agate" which in Latin was called "Achates" comes from the Achates River, south of Sicily, in Italy, where it is said that the first of these stones found in Europe. According to indigenous cultures, agates were pieces inside the body of the Gods, and in fact, the form of some of these stones resemble human cell assemblies. Aqeeq ke faide in urdu:
aqeeq ke faide in urdu

     Agate was highly revered by ancient and was regarded as the stone of science. Agates Aleppo, in Saudi, were called "agate eye," because it seemed pupils surrounded by the iris. They were highly regarded and used as eyes in the images of the gods. They have also been found in the eye sockets of mummies of ancient Egypt. It was believed that the Egyptian Agate was very effective against spider bites and scorpion stings. In Islam agates are also very precious stones; protects the wearer from some mishaps and ensures longevity.

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