7 Healthy Benefits of Apple in Urdu

Apple fruit ke Health benefits faide Saib ke faide Apple Moisturizes our body because of its high water content (about 80% of its composition).
It is diuretic, reduces fluid accumulation, cramps in the lower limbs ( legs and feet) and high blood pressure due to its large amount of potassium.
Among the vitamins, it has the group E, known to be strong antioxidants.
By having soluble and insoluble fibers, it may be employed both with constipation as diarrhea. In the first case it is necessary to consume raw, husked and in the second, roasted or as compote.

Apple Peel Benefits:

The apple peel has pectin. This fiber protects the intestinal mucosa. If you wash before eating, you do not have to peel to enjoy all the benefits to digestive level. In addition, several studies show that pectin has a decisive role to prevent certain types of cancer such as the colon.
The secret of the apple and its benefits is in its phytochemicals that in addition to preventing cancer, as noted above, help reduce blood sugar and blood fats. Therefore, it is advisable for diabetics and people with high cholesterol consume at least two apples a day. This fruit can purify and cleanse the blood.
apple benefits in urdu for health
One of the apple phytochemicals is quercetin, which helps prevent cardiovascular problems, inflammatory diseases such as rheumatoid arthritis , asthma and even muscle spasms.
Apple, in turn, has as tartaric acid and malic, which help to better digest fats we consume. Therefore it is advisable to eat this fruit for dessert after a heavy intake, either at noon or at night. Furthermore, no allows glucose increase rapidly after meals.

apple saib ke faide benefits in urdu
Apple increases cognitive abilities because of their beneficial contribution of sugars to our brain. Arguably eat a fruit before going to school or study for an exam it is like Popeye spinach. Increase mental abilities, be more productive, we will incorporate much more information, and we remember more data perform better in any field.
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