Flaxseed Alsi 5 Health Benefits in Urdu

Alsi ke beej tel faide in urdu Flaxseed is one of the most popular today, thanks to its nutritional and healing benefits, food also is used as a dietary supplement for weight loss. This seed contains vitamins and minerals, is rich in fiber, antioxidants and omega-3 .It has be found in different ways, such as oil, in tablets, ground and whole seed.

Flaxseed is used as a natural medicine to prevent constipation problems, it helps treat diverticulitis early stage, it is good detoxifies for those who want to lose weight, used to lower cholesterol in the blood and is a good cell re generator. It is also useful to reduce symptoms of menopause, it is also of great benefit for gastritis and sore throat problems.

Natural Remedies of Flaxseed Alsi:

Flaxseed can prevent or combat breast cancer, prostate, colon, lung, etc. This is because the seed has anticancer components.

Consume flaxseed in ground form is suitable for weight loss because it removes cholesterol effectively and quickly.
alsi meaning in urdu hindi
Flaxseed is perfect to combat gastritis, heartburn and constipation. This is because it lubricates and regenerates the intestinal flower again.
It is used as an excellent treatment for pressure, so people who consume get less stress. It also improves mental function in seniors.
Flaxseed also cure allergies and this is very effective in combating the disease lupus. It is also ideal for people who have anemia.
Is suitable to eliminate the problems of arteriosclerosis, also removes cholesterol found in the arteries, cure high blood pressure, asthma, coronary thrombosis, helps prevent blood clots. This is also of great benefit to eliminate cardiovascular disease.
Consumption of this seed is ideal for reducing inflammatory diseases, for example hepatitis, arthritis, meningitis, tonsillitis, etc.
Uses and Benefits of Flaxseed Oil

alsi ke faide in urdu flaxseed

It also helps the kidneys can excrete water and sodium, also eliminates fluid retention.
Some studies have demonstrated that the oil containing flaxseed produces a natural aphrodisiac effect. So it is useful for those who suffer from impotence and physical frigidity.
Flaxseed helps maintain controlled levels of blood sugar, so it is ideal for insulin-dependent.
The benefits of flaxseed are truly amazing, can be consumed by anyone because as a home remedy food or no side effects.

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