HOMEOPATHIC Treatment in Urdu

What is Homeopathic Treatment?

Homeopathy treatment and its medicines effects in urdu Homeopathic se ilaj. The homeopathic approach assumes that a disease that manifests itself with specific symptoms can be cured by a substance that causes exactly this disease, or at least very similar symptoms in healthy people.
This principle is already found in the writings of the Greek physician Hippocrates from around 400 BC, but then fell into oblivion long. was rediscovered gentle healing method by German physician Christian Friedrich Samuel Hahnemann (1755-1843), the founder of homeopathy today.
Homeopathy attempts to capture the whole person with all his physical and mental suffering. Symptoms are considered not only as a result of organic disease, but they are also an expression of a disturbed inner balance and comply with the body's attempt to fight this disharmonious state.
homeo treatment
homeopathic treatment in urdu

Homeopathic remedies are designed to strengthen this self-healing organism. Based on the medical history of each patient an individually tailored treatment plan is developed which is based both on the disease and on the personality.

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