How to Apply Eye shadow in Urdu

Getting your eyes are the protagonists of your face is very easy using either eye shadows that suit you. Highlight your eyes and give them color is the best way to be beautiful and take your side more seductive with a deep and intense look, the shadows will make your eyes look bigger and more expressive. In this article we show how to apply eye shadow correctly so slowly you practice and perfected your technique as a makeup artist in urdu.
eye shadow in urdu
No matter what shade you choose but know that to apply makeup properly and eyes like a true professional will have to use three different colors of the same combine between them. You will need: a shadow of a main color that will that will make your look a darker shade to highlight the eye and another clearer than previous to illuminate the eye shadow.
Before starting to eye makeup applied across the eyelid area a pre-base for shadows, this makes the product is intact for longer, avoids the appearance of folds and intensifies the color of the shadow.

First, apply the shadow of the main color across the eyelid. It starts on the inside and spread it out with a medium brush. Remember that the tone of this shadow will be to mark your final look, so make sure that the color you like and fits well.

Then take the darker tone to mark depth. Apply it right where the bone ends eyelid, a trick to work this area is looking up and with an applicator to draw a line in the crease since the birth of the upper lashes to the end. Pass the brush several times that area and the shadow extends outward and upward.
eye shadow make up in urdu

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