How to Lose Weight if Suffering From Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is one of the disorders that affect the thyroid gland, responsible for the metabolism issues and secrete several important hormones for the body's functioning.
This condition occurs when not enough thyroid hormone is not secreted, which causes a decrease in the rate of metabolism  and therefore more difficult to maintain adequate and stable weight.
In most cases it affects women, especially after age 50; however, it can also occur in young ages and some men can develop it.
The most common cause of this disease is inflammation and damages the cells of the thyroid gland. Likewise, it may have originated in a response of the immune system, viral infections or pregnancy.
Many of those diagnosed are left to and resign themselves to gain weight and suffer other changes in your health; however, it is shown that adopting healthy lifestyle habits you can counteract the negative effects to prevent loss of quality of life.

We share key tips to lose weight when the condition is treated.

Improving nutrition

After being diagnosed with hypothyroidism you should modified your diet. This will be the main key to not win kilos and try to keep the weight as stable as possible.

The diet should be low in fat and should include foods rich in iodine , a nutrient that decreases due to this problem.

Choose healthy fats

It is not completely suppress fat diet, but to  choose those that are healthy and easy to metabolize
Some are:

lean meats.
Olive oil.
Coconut oil.

Eating whole wheat flour

All foods containing refined flours will have to be replaced by wholemeal flour. It is much healthier and prevents fat accumulation and increased  blood sugar .

Increase water consumption

The daily water consumption is critical to avoid dehydration and promote the expulsion of waste.

It should not replace commercial beverages of any kind and, where possible, should be 100% natural.

Prepare light meals

Eating before bedtime is not a good idea, as it is difficult to digest food at night.

It is best to cook something light, low in fat and protein, and eat two to three hours before bedtime.

Drinking green tea

Green tea is one of the healthiest beverages all people with hypothyroidism can take. It is rich in antioxidants and have fat burning qualities that promote weight loss .
Green Tea With Lemon for Weight Lose
Its mild laxative effect prevents slow intestinal transit and for its energizing qualities is appropriate to relieve fatigue and improve physical performance.

Avoiding certain foods

There are certain foods you better start to avoid because they contain goitrogens, ie, a substance that inhibits the absorption of iodine and influences the malfunction of the gland .

These include:
Brussels sprouts, cauliflower or broccoli.

Eat more fiber

The fiber - rich foods are essential for all people struggling with this condition. This supports digestive function and promotes bowel movement to prevent constipation and inflammation.

In addition, it is proven that fiber reduces appetite and plays an important role in metabolic function.
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