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The recipe of very special dessert Rasmalai in urdu. The recipe of Rasmalai consists of cheese ball called paneer in urdu. Today we see how to make rasmalai from powdered milk not form paneer. After refrigeration Rasmalai Tastes more than you think.
Dry Powdered Milk 1 cup
1 Egg chilled
Oil 4-3 spoons
Baking Powdered 1/4 spoons
Milk 1 liter
Sugar 1 cup
Pista Badaam 15-10
How to Make Rasmalai:
Mix powdered milk with egg, baking powder, and oil.
When it mix completely make balls from dough
Boil milk in pan and put sugar in it.
Cook milk for 12 to 10 minutes
After than put 2 balls in it
Garnish them with pista and badaam than serve

rasmalai recipe in urdu from powdered milk

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