7 Amazing Benefits of Artichokes in Urdu

Meaning of Artichokes in Urdu and what are its health benefits in Urdu The artichoke is to become a true and authentic delicacy, and may be a suitable food in diets as it can help lose weight and lose those extra kilos.Turn to be constitutes a healthy food that can not miss on a balanced diet, as it has some important benefits and properties important to diverse health.

They are also delicious in salads and hot dishes, and are ideal for children and adults, thanks to the different virtues he possesses.

Benefits and properties of the artichoke

The artichoke leaf contains magnesium, potassium and sterols, which act in synergy with certain cynarin a substance both aromatic and bitter.
The artichoke has an important regulatory activity of bile secretion, being indicated in cases of poor digestion of fats, jaundice and sluggish liver .

artichokes meaning in urdu
It helps regenerate liver cells, helping to combat toxic substances, and can be ideal in cases of fatty liver, while is able to reduce the high cholesterol .
In addition, the artichoke can become an excellent cleanser, helping our body to expel the different toxins and substances that do not need
For this reason, we should not forget either of its consumption in diets and weight control.
Studies have been shown that the artichoke is able to reduce levels of blood sugar , so that it constitutes an indispensable and indisputable food in the diabetic diet, to help fight diabetes from a nutritional point of view.

artichokes benefits in urdu

It is a food that does not increase abruptly glucose levels in the blood. In fact, not only it helps keep it stable, but is even able to help reduce it in a completely natural.
The artichoke is rich in cynarin , an acidic substance capable of increasing the secretion of bile . For this quality becomes an ideal place for the digestive system to help the smooth functioning of both the liver and the food bile .
In the particular case of cynarin , acting in increasing the production of bile, so necessary and essential for the digestion of fats. Hence, it is an ideal food to facilitate heavy and difficult digestion.
Ideal to eliminate toxins
Precisely because of its content cynarin , the artichoke is also a suitable food to eliminate toxins accumulated in our body , it benefit widely recognized that ultimately he has given his popularity as known as a cleanser.
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