8 Breast Cancer Signs and Symptoms in Urdu

Always having correct knowledge of breast cancer is must for women especially in case breast cancer. Go through below symptoms of breast cancer in urdu. When diagnosed in early stages it is because women participate in screening programs or because they had a mammogram control, following up a different problem in the breast.

The most common symptoms for which women go to the doctor are:

Appearance of a lump in the breast that previously did not exist.
Pain in the breast tenderness.
Resizing of either breast.
Contour irregularities.
Lower mobility of one breast to lift my arms.
Alteration in the skin of the breast as ulcers, changes in color and appearance of what is called orange peel (for its skin-like appearance of the fruit).
Nipple changes, as can be the same shrinkage (sink).
Appearance of a lump in the armpit.
There are other symptoms such as fatigue or localized bone pain, which can occur in more advanced stages of the disease.
If you appreciate any of these symptoms, you should go to your doctor for you to perform the necessary tests and can, as soon as possible, make a diagnosis.

Remember that these symptoms may also occur associated with benign diseases. Before assuming you have a serious illness, waiting to know the outcome of the tests.

1. Early symptoms.
The most common ways to detect breast cancer consist of a mammogram or breast self-examination and armpits looking for any suspicious or unusual lump. Thus, although the bumps that appear near the breasts do not be cancerous why, much less, always see a doctor just in case. He thinks that prevention is better than cure and also detect cancer early can be vital for healing.
2 After menstruation.
When examine breasts, you should choose the day of when you have stopped menstruating, as before, the breasts are usually swollen and hard to find any lumps. Once the rule has disappeared, it is much easier to recognize a lump or any other unusual element.
3 To what age?
Although breast cancer is usually more common in women over 45 years, this may also occur at very early ages. It is why, after 20 years, you should start examine chest occasionally, but be careful !, do not have to obsess. Often they appear lumps that are not harmful and that are due to causes that have nothing to do with breast cancer. If you find anything unusual, see your doctor, but remember that there are many causes of lumps and that in the event that is the result of breast cancer, this has a very high level of healing in cases in which it is caught in time.
4 Other clues.
In addition to the packages that may appear on the breasts, around or in the underarm area, there are other symptoms that may indicate a breast cancer. One is a change somewhere in the chest, causing generally skin wrinkling, is blistered or even catch fire. Another indication that there may be a breast cancer is the secretion through the nipples, substances with a watery, milky or, sometimes, bloody.

8 Symptoms of Breast Cancer in Urdu

5 The importance of mammograms.
Although you perform breast exams often if you are over 40 years it is very important to get a mammogram annually to detect conditions that you have not noticed. Do not forget that early diagnosis is the most important.
6 Breast cancer in men.
Although less common in men than in women, men can also get breast cancer. To examine yourself looking for any lumps, lie down and place the arm part you will look behind the head. Wander fingers over the nipple, by their surroundings and armpits. When you finish the operation, place the left arm behind his head and repeats the procedure examining the opposing party. In addition to the packages, other symptoms of this type of condition are secretions or bleeding nipples.
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