8 Natural Foods To Increase Mardana Taqat

Mardana Kamzori Ka natural Ilaj:

Ancient plants and foods that naturally looks like sex organs have been considered aphrodisiacs: phallic as the banana, cucumber and asparagus; vaginal symbols like oysters or clams; those who remember the genital mucosa like strawberries and red apples; those who remember the female body as pears and guitars and also certain bottles of liquor or perfume. The aphrodisiac term derives from Aphrodite, that is Venus, goddess of love in Greek and Roman mythology, and divinity related to fertility and spring energy. Usually well denote any substance that stimulates or increases sexual, or supposedly does desire. We give a list, which can be quite useful when getting into bed and fuck piecework:
Brazil nut 
A study at the University of Padua (Italy) associated diets low in selenium male sterility. Selenium prevents oxidation (damage) of sperm, which increases your chances of having healthy soldiers.
Cacao Phenylethylamine 
Chocolate can cause euphoria by releasing dopamine, the chemical that springs from the brain when you have an orgasm. The calcium in milk helps nerve transmission, which will make you more sensitive to touch.
Brown rice 
This cereal contains lots of vitamin B that boosts energy. And is that without this vitamin no libido worth. It is also a rich source of magnesium, essential for muscle contraction, which is crucial to make plays championship. Ostras If this mollusk is famous for its aphrodisiac qualities is for something: it contains much zinc, a vital component in the production of testosterone . They also contain compounds effective in releasing sex hormones like testosterone and estrogen aspartic acid and aspartate,. Put to cool the cellar and begin to slurp.
Maintaining a high level of testosterone is important for all aspects of sexual health, since sperm production to avoid impotence and regulate desire and libido. Testosterone production depends largely on the zinc and vitamin B6, both in abundance in chicken meat.
 To catch up, the couples of ancient Persia drank mead every day for the first month after marriage (the honey month, or as we know, the? honeymoon?). It is rich in B vitamins, necessary to make testosterone and fructose makes you stronger and releases energy constantly? turn around and falling asleep will not be an option.
Scientists from Texas (USA) have shown that eating watermelon can have similar effects to those of the miraculous blue pill. This is because citrulline and arginine, which trigger the production of nitric oxide, a compound that relaxes blood vessels of the body. And the best part is that for watermelon do not need a prescription.

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Ice cream vanilla 
If vanilla is used in everything from desserts to air fresheners, for nothing. According to the Foundation for Research and Treatment of Smell and Taste of Chicago (USA), vanilla can increase blood flow to the penis.
According to a study published in the journal? Phytomedicine ?, the male rats them ginger had experienced an increase in testicular weight. It is believed that ginger could have a similar effect? ​​Swelling? in human testosterone levels.
Pumpkin seeds
 have a lot of zinc, a key nutrient for sexuality and fertility. A Dutch study has shown that supplements of folic acid and zinc increase sperm count by 74% in men with fertility problems. Popcorn This classic film has the highest levels of plant arginine, which is the main component of sperm. Numerous studies have shown the importance of arginine for sperm count, quality and mobility. So prepare a good portion and press play.

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