Best French Fries Recipe in Urdu

Masala French Fries Recipe in Urdu: 

Today we will focus on the chips and the search of the perfect potato chip . It has long been using a recipe getting some potatoes for me was almost perfect, not the best, but enough for what I needed. However a few weeks ago I came across the recipe for the perfect fried potato Heston , and although it is somewhat laborious gets what for me is the perfect potato chip .

If you've ever taken a good fish & chips and you know, because this recipe for French fries get that kind of British potato chip that accompanies this classic fish dish. You are forewarned, it takes time for a single chips , but the result is simply spectacular. Look at how good is the inside with a crispy coating on the outside:
FRENCH fries recipe in urdu

How to Select Perfect Potato Chip:

First let 's talk a little about the ingredients. Clearly, we will fry potatoes, and all we need are potatoes, olive oil and salt. But not everything is the same, and it is worth taking a little here. Potatoes are not all the same for frying, and this depends on the amount of starch containing. The more starch containing less compact will, and although it seems that this is what we seek is not, as the perfect potato chip has the sweet and soft heart, like a baked potato. The good news is that in supermarkets already sell specialty potatoes for frying .
french fries recipe in urdu

Regarding the oil that we use, the legend says that frying is better to use sunflower oil. Nothing is further from reality, and unless for some reason hate the taste that gives the oil is the best oil you can use for frying, for the good taste that gives and that endures higher temperatures, especially if you use the of picual. Olive oil is refined, so better to use one virgin or extra virgin . Okay, it's expensive, but today we go in search of the perfect potato chip, and that is our goal. I will tell you the theory, then you aplicadla as you see fit.

And now yes, we go with the recipe of perfect fries . The first step is to peel the potatoes and cut into strips about 5 cm long and 1 cm wide and high. We must try all more or less the same, especially thick, so that they become alike. Then we wash them well in a bowl until the cold water stops flowing turbid to remove the starch for about 5 minutes.

Now we have to cook them over low heat with water at 94 ° C for about 15-20 minutes, look at this post in which we explain the importance of temperature in the kitchen to always get the perfect spot . After several attempts with 15 minutes remain somewhat hard and too loose with 20 inside. Note that with this cooking process we will give you the point into the potato, so it is cooked well and stay as a baked potato , but we can not spend because if they will not be very soft and we will break the rest process.

The next thing we will do is remove moisture from the potato , and it put them on a rack and let lose water. However it is very difficult that all moisture is gone, so to do the will put in the freezer for 1 hour to get it . It is the best way, and is a key part of the process.

We turn now to the second of the three processes that we will submit to the potato. Let's fry them according to remove from the freezer in extra virgin olive oil at 130 ° C for 5 minutes to seal and create a first layer around the potato. After 5 minutes after the draw from the reserve while oil and heat it up further to 180 ° C. Only when you have reached this temperature we will introduce the potatoes in the fryer or container where we have the oil to complete the last process, that will brown and crisp create the layer you get our perfect crisp .

The latter process is quick and be only a few minutes, but we must be constantly vigilant to prevent burning. If you do not have enough time you will not get your potato crisp layer and will not be perfect, so do not be afraid to brown them too, they will be impressive.

It is a long process and something that seems confusing, but very simple. I summarize in easy steps to make it clear:
Peel, cut and wash potatoes
Cook at 94 ° C for 15-20 miutes
Strain and place in the freezer 1 hour
Frying at 130 ° C for 5 minutes
Remove from oil and raise the temperature to 180 ° C
Fry at 180 ° C until golden brown and crispy layer get
And you're done!
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