Chamomile Flower Benefits in Urdu

What is Meant by Chamomile in Urdu? and What are its Health Benefits? Chamomile flower not only to be liked in tea, but can also be added to salads. It is an edible and very healthy plant. The properties thereof are within the flower head. There are volatile oils as chamazulene  carboxylic acid proazulenes that posses an anti-allergen properties.

It is for this reason that chamomile is often used to treat conditions such as hay fever and asthma. It is important when acquiring this quality is, to exploit their properties.
chamomile meaning in urdu

Chamomile Anti inflammatory and can be used both internally and externally to reduce swelling  From dark circles in your eyes or consuming it often to prevent gout or arthritis.
In addition, it is good for weight loss. It is a soft and also threatens anxiety diuretic, which is always good to have on hand in diets.
It has bactericidal properties. Serves for scarring, gargle and prevent gum problems or throat and hemorrhoids, being good companion for digestive processes.
Chamomile is widely used in the world of natural cosmetics due to their large properties on the skin. In fact, we have several beauty tips to bring within that spectrum: rinse hair with chamomile, toning from chamomile and chamomile cleanser are some of them.
Among other properties usually we find that inhaling steam infusion of this plant to treat bronchial irritation. It is also very good to drink tea before bedtime, as it helps us to calm the nervous system and relieve gastrointestinal disorders.

Combat insomnia:  Chamomile tea is very good for insomnia, and nightmares.

Combat nervousness:   Chamomile tea helps fight nervousness, relieves depression, palpitations, relaxes the gut, and helps relax the body in general. Another way to combat nervousness, is added in the bath water infusion of chamomile flowers fully charged.

Relieves toothache:  Rinse your chamomile, helps relieve pain caused by tooth decay.

Relieves swollen feet:  Making foot massage with chamomile helps reduce swelling of feet, fatigue, and pain in them.

Relieves tension headaches:  A chamomile tea helps soothe the headache caused by stress states.

Digestive properties:   Chamomile has a protective function of the stomach, so it is very beneficial for the whole digestive system in general. If after eating something digestion become difficult consuming chamomile can help relieve  the bloating, gas, bloating, stomach pain and liver problems.  A good way to consume chamomile is by infusion. Some old recipes advise mix chamomile with lime and orange equally, and take three cups a day to solve problems ulcer.

To prepare this tea must place the plant in a pot of boiling water for about 3-7 minutes. In addition, we cover the pot with a lid for the medicinal value of flowers is not lost by evaporation. We drink it before we let stand for a few minutes, then strain and is ready to consume.

External use chamomile

Antifungal Properties:  When nail fungus appear, one of the ways to eradicate the symptoms is soaking the affected area with chamomile tea with a squeeze of lemon juice area.

Combat mouth sores:  Perform mouthwashes, can prevent oral infections that eventually trigger sores. It is recommended that the infusion is very charged to have the maximum effect of antiseptic properties. After rinsing fact, it should spit and not swallow, since such a high concentration could cause vomiting.

Fights genital irritation:  Chamomile fights genital irritation and hypersensitivity in such areas, also can be used for irritation of a baby 's bottom.

Combat allergies:  Inhaling chamomile relieve allergy symptoms.

Chamomile in urdu meaning is Baboona
Eliminates itchy scalp:  If we have problems with flaking, bacteria, and eczema of the scalp, an alternative to eradicate the symptoms, is using shampoos containing chamomile, or otherwise mixing ourselves an infusion in the shampoo.

As we see chamomile is a very good health plan, why not include in your diet?
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