Green Tea For Fat Burning in Urdu

Green Tea Sabz Chai for Weight Lose in Urdu:

Green tea is one of the teas with more properties that exist, it is currently recommended in cleansing diets, it is an excellent antioxidant and especially to lose weight . Chinese people used for nearly 3,000 years ago due to his great contributions to health.

Among its many properties include the following:
powerful antioxidant
It contains high doses of polyphenols which have anti-aging, antibiotic and anti-cancer properties.  
Besides being anti-cancer and be able to stop the development of different types of cancer, it also helps slow the progression of some degenerative diseases.
green tea ke faide
Relieves headaches and prevents heart disease and diseases of the liver .
A stimulating and restorative tonic pancreas, liver and stomach.
Powerful blood and intestinal cleared, eliminates toxins, gases and harmful substances and impregnated saturated fats in the intestine and blood.
Therefore, it is an insurmountable friend in diets to lose weight and regain health. (See diet green tea).
Excellent for treating skin conditions such as dermatitis drink, the problem of aging, acne and skin damage.
It has interesting therapeutic effects.
It helps combat chronic fatigue.
Help against colon problems. 
Polyphenols in green tea are (catechins), they are more potent to suppress free radicals than vitamins C or E.
get rid of weight lose using green tea in urdu
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