Natural Home Remedies to Get Rid of Lice in Urdu

Lice undoubtedly are a scourge for the head of children and concern for mothers. It is very likely that your children are getting sick of pediculosis (scientific name) when they go to school, club or a square. Know in this article some of the most effective home remedies to remove lice and nits.
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If you go to the pharmacy or perfumery, also in the supermarket, you can find a variety of products that were made to kill lice and nits. However, we can not be 100% sure of the ingredients they use and how dangerous for our children, especially when they are very small.

In addition, many often suffer allergies or rashes because of these products, which may be too strong for the dermis of the scalp. And in turn, are never as efficient as when we stop applying them, lice and nits (eggs) reappear.

Home Remedies to get Rid of Lice:

That is why you can turn to home remedies, the same as our parents or grandparents used to kill a parasite that not only feeds on blood, but also causes itching and discomfort.
Home remedies to remove lice
Old recipes are very effective and will help within days unbearable eradicate lice your children or even yourself. These are the best known natural remedies for lice.
Get Rid of Lice in Urdu

Infusion of eucalyptus leaves: you can get it in health food stores already prepared or do it at home with a handful of leaves of this tree with the aroma so characteristic (used to unclog nasal passages, for example). Put them to boil two cups of water, let stand for a few minutes until cool or temper. When you are at the ideal temperature, you should only invest in the child's head, once washing has been and is clean. Make circular massage this liquid penetrates well into the roots and scalp, where the lice live and where they lay nits. You can rinse or not.
Infusion Rosemary: This preparation can eliminate lice effectively. You are doing it the same way as eucalyptus and equally applied.

Get Rid of Lice in Urdu
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