8 Tips to Beat The Heat of Summer in Urdu

Tips for Hot Summer Heat Garmi se Bacho ke lie Aims to prevent and reduce the negative effects that the heat can have on the health of citizens, especially those at risk or more vulnerable, such as elderly, children and chronically ill, as well as those who work or perform outdoor exertion.

Garmi Beat the Heat of Summer

To minimize the damage that these people may suffer from heat see below recommendations.

1.Drink water or fluids frequently, but do not feel thirsty and regardless of physical activity undertaken.

2.No abuse of drinks with caffeine, alcohol or large amounts of sugar, as they can make you lose more body fluid.

3. Although anyone can suffer heat - related problem, pay special attention to infants and young children , the elderly and people with diseases that can be aggravated by heat and dehydration, such as heart diseases.

4.Stay as long as possible in cool places, shaded or in cool air - conditioned, and cool off whenever you need.

5.Procure reduce physical activity and avoid outdoor sports in the hottest hours (from 12.00 to 17.00).

Garmi se bacho tips and totkay
6.Use light, loose-fitting clothes that allow sweat.

7.Never leave anyone in a closed, parked vehicle (especially children, the elderly or chronically ill).
Summer Health Care Tips in Urdu
Garmi ka ilaj summer heat
8. Consult  your doctor before symptoms that last longer than an hour and can be related to the high temperatures.
9.Keep your medications in a cool place; heat can alter its composition and its effects.
10. Double light meals that help replenish lost sweat (salads, fruits, vegetables, juices, etc.) salts.
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