Best Fruit to Prevent from Lung Cancer

Physically are like organic oranges we know all but both your skin and its meat is more reddish, similar to raspberry juice, hence they are known as red blood oranges or orange. The bark can also have reddish hues.

It is a slightly acidic flavor orange peel and a little harder than the common orange. They are small, but with an intense flavor.

Its taste is bittersweet.

All this makes it one of the varieties of oranges most prized by gourmets.

It has few seeds, is very tender and very juice, resulting perfect for making juices.

Contains antioxidant properties, it is somewhat unusual among citrus.

In the Iberian Peninsula, it is collected during the months of February-March.
how to prevent lung cancer


The blood orange is used both as orange juice and table as to decorate dishes and salads in a colorful way. Its color adds sophistication to dishes of Mediterranean cuisine.

Blood oranges are also popular as vinaigrette dressings, sometimes used to flavor some special beers.

Moreover, they are perfect for making jams and preserves by his tone so unusual.

Red orange prevent us from lung cancer
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