Vegetable and Fruits Names Meaning in Urdu/English

Names Meaning of Fruits and Vegetable in Urdu and English

If you follow us for some time, surely you've noticed since, whenever we can, we try to defend the properties of fruits and vegetables in the diet and daily food.
Mainly because they tend to be some of the fundamental food when you want to enjoy both a healthy lifestyle.
In previous times we have been concerned about the benefits of many fruits ( pear , apple , strawberry grape , lemon , avocado ...). We have even aware of the calories in fruit .
But this time we will not echo the nutritional properties of a particular fruit itself, but of the fruit Names in Urdu what we called them in urdu language especially whenever any person questioned you and you don't know the name of fruits in English than it must be some embarrassment.
what are the names of vegetables fruits in urdu english

Fruits Name in English/Urdu

Fruits Name in English Fruits Names in Urdu
Apple Saib
Apricot Khubani
Avocado Maga NashPati
Banana Kela
BlackCurrant Nella Bair
Black Berry Nella Bair
Cherry Cherri
Coconut Nariyal
Fiq Anjeer
Grawia Asiatica FALSA
Grapes Angoor
Kiwi Fruit Kiwi Phal
Lemon Limoo
Lime Mousambi
Lychee Lichee
Mango Aam
Nectarine Aaru, Aaroo
Orange Malta
Papaya Papita
Peach Aaru, Aaroo
Pear NashPati
Pineapple Ananas
Plum Aaloo Bukhara
Quince Bahi
Raspberry Ras berry
Strawberry Strawberry
Watermelon TarBooz

Vegetables Names in Urdu/English

Vegetables Names in English Vegetables Name in Urdu
Cauliflower Gobi
Barccoli Shakh Gobi
Cabbage Band Gobi
Potatos Aaloo
Eggplant Eggplant
Capscum Shimla Mirch
Chillies Mirch
Tomato Tamato
Radish Moli
Corn Chali, Makhai
Ginger Adrak
Peas Matar
Celery Ajmood
Carrot Gajjar
Garlic Thoom, Lehsun
Turnip Shaljam
Red Beet Root Chukandar
Beans Phalien
Cucumber Kheera
Better Gourd Kerela
Bottle Gourd Louki
Mint Podina
Spinach Palak
Coriander Dhania
Pumpkin Kadu
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