How to grow Dhania coriander in Urdu [5 steps]

Do you want to plant your own coriander? From  SehatOnline we want to give you some tips to encourage you and sow coriander(Dhania) in your garden of aromatic plants. Coriander,  is an aromatic and medicinal plant that serves to flavor a multitude of cooking recipes, especially recipes of Mexican gastronomy and Indian recipes. It gives an unmistakable touch to many dishes and we can include it in the elaboration of sauces and dressings. How to Grow Dhania in Urdu at home.

As for its medicinal action, coriander or coriander is a plant very well valued for its ability to help our body to remove heavy metals and toxins, for edemas and fluid retention, is very beneficial to take care of the kidneys, liver, Stomach and increase the defenses.

Coriander or coriander is very similar to parsley, but is much more aromatic than this.

For all this, what better than to grow your own coriander plants?

How to grow cilantro or coriander

As the seeds of cilantro are dicotyledons, this means that you will get two plants per house seed that you sow. Take it into account when preparing seedlings. Always choose organic seeds (certified).

Coriander is a plant that, although it can tolerate warm climates, grows best in temperate climates, so that plants will be more leafy with these conditions.

This plant will require deep soils, which have good drainage capacity, are permeable, light, maintain a certain freshness and limestone. However, it is not very demanding on the substrate and can grow on calcareous, clayey, acidic and frank soils.

Locate your coriander plants in an area where they can receive light, as they like to be in full sun.

Protects plants from potentially harmful external conditions such as wind or excessive and continuous rains.

Avoid watering them excessively, moderate the risks as to the amount of water you put to the plants and the periodicity with which you water them. Waterlogging is not beneficial and can cause various damage to coriander plants, from the appearance of fungi to root asphyxia and death of the plant.

You can use the cilantro for your recipes by cutting the twigs carefully with a clean scissors.

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